Nanuk 950

Nanuk 950

The 950 makes moving heavy equipment easy. Its polyurethane wheels are smooth on all terrains and the one handed retractable handle gets you from point A to B without breaking a sweat. Get the same tough Powerclaw latching system and impenetrable NK-7 resin shell but with wheeled convenience.
  1. Specs

    Interior Dimensions

    L20.5" x W15.3 " x H 10.1"
    L521mm x W389mm x H257mm

    Exterior Dimensions

    L22.8" x W18.3" x H11.7"
    L579mm x W465mm x H297mm

    Weight (empty)
    15.1 lbs | 6.8 kg
    Temperature Range
    Min -20°F (-29°C ) Max 140°F (60°C)
    Lid Depth
    2.1" | 53mm
    Base Depth
    8.0" | 203mm
    lightweight NK-7 polypropylene
    Max Buoyancy
    110.0 lbs | 49.9 kg
    Waterproof (Ip67)
    conditional lifetime guarantee
    ATA 300 | ASTM D4169 | Mil-std-810f | IP67 Rating
    Internal Volume
    1.83 cu.ft (51.8 L)
    Padlock Holes Diameter
  2. Features

    • PowerClaw Latching System
    • Waterproof - IP67 Rated
    • Impact Resistant NK-7 Resin
    • Reinforced Metal Padlock Holes
    • 2-Stage Retractable Handle
    • Polyurethane Wheels
    • Removable Lid
    • Top and Bottom Panel Mount

    PowerClaw Latching System

    The PowerClaw latching system (US Patent No. 8,297,464) used on all NANUK cases is engineered to keep your case closed during the toughest of missions.

    The PowerClaw clamps the case tightly closed using compressive force while the integrated slide lock prevents the case from opening during transport or when dropped.

    The super tough nylon construction ensures your precious items remain safely inside the case no matter where the journey takes you.

    NANUK Waterproof Cases IP67 Rated (Submersion at 3ft for 30 min)

    The waterproofing seal used in all NANUK watertight cases is custom designed to fit our products. The seal is designed to resist deformation and fatigue, ensuring a long lasting watertight seal.

    Our waterproof cases are ideal for applications such as search and rescue, marine transportation / storage and diving. Any of our many dealers can easily outfit you with one of our waterproof cases, accessories or other products.

    NANUK equipment cases and transportation products are complete with a lifetime guarantee in materials and workmanship for the life of our products.

    Impact Resistant NK-7 Resin

    NANUK tough cases were designed with one objective in mind: survival. With rounded corners, thick wall construction and oversized details, NANUK durable hard sided cases are built to absorb the shocks without damaging the case or more importantly your contents.

    Based on Plasticase’s years of experience in the plastics industry, our new NK-7 resin durable cases were developed specifically for the demanding conditions that NANUK will be exposed to. Highly impact resistant, lightweight, and rugged, our NK-7 resin tough hard sided cases can withstand nature’s extremes.

    No matter the application, NANUK durable protective cases clearly offer superior performance. Rugged, dependable, and efficient; NANUK impact resistant and tough hard sided cases will never let you down.

    • Reinforced Metal Padlock Holes

    Reinforced Metal Padlock Holes

    Stainless steel reinforced padlock holes let you lock down your gear so you can carry with confidence. NANUK padlocks are also available. TSA approved, these hard case padlocks are the perfect accessory for frequent flyers.

    • 2-Stage Retractable Handle

    2-Stage Retractable Handle with Quick Release Button

    Hassle-free transport comes courtesy of NANUK’s two-stage retractable handle, available with NANUK 935, 950 and 960. Posture-friendly, the handle can be adjusted to two different heights and offers easy, one-handed operation with its quick release button.

    • Polyurethane Wheels

    Polyurethane Wheels

    Smooth mobility is a major advantage, especially when transporting cumbersome equipment. All NANUK WHEELED cases come equipped with polycarbonate wheels over molded with polyurethane. Similar to what you find on roller blades, these wheels, along with their stainless steel bearings, ensure a quiet, effortless trip over a multitude of terrains and through a number of weather conditions.

    • Removable Lid

    Removable Lid

    The lid on many NANUK cases can be removed by pulling out the hinge pin on both sides of the case. This can be convenient when installing complex mechanical or electronic systems into the case.
    *Please note that hand tools may be required to remove the hinge pins.

    • Top and Bottom Panel Mount

    Top and Bottom Panel Mount

    Securing an outside faceplate with screws or rivets can weaken your case and compromise water resistance. NANUK solves this dilemma with its integrated bezel system. Found on the lower portion of all NANUK cases (and also the upper portion of several NANUK models), this solid inner lip is designed specifically for mounting and makes panel installation easy.

  3. Accessories

    • Nanuk TSA PowerClaw Latch Retrofit Kit
    • Foam Insert for Nanuk 950
    • Padded Divider with egg shell foam insert for Nanuk 950
    • Top Aluminium Panel Kit for the Nanuk 950
    • Bottom Aluminium Waterproof Panel Kit for the Nanuk 950
    • Top Polycarbonate Panel Kit for the Nanuk 950
    • Bottom Polycarbonate Waterproof Panel Kit for the Nanuk 950
    • Foam insert for Nanuk 950 DJI™ Phantom 4
    • Nanuk Desiccant Container
    • NANUK TSA accepted case lock
    • Foam insert for NANUK 950 15UP Pistol Case

    Nanuk TSA PowerClaw Latch Retrofit Kit

    We found a way to make our patented PowerClaw latches even better! They are now available with an integrated TSA accepted key lock. The easy to install retrofit kit can be installed on many* NANUK cases and adds another layer of security to your case. Each lock has a special code TSA001 to TSA003, which is used by the TSA, CATSA and other security agencies to know which secure tool to use to open the lock. TSA accepted latches are the perfect accessory for storing, securing and protecting valuable items at home, on the job site and in your vehicle.

    *Compatible with the following NANUK cases:

    908 | 918 | 920 | 925 | 933 | 935 | 940 | 945 | 950 | 960


    2x TSA Powerclaw latches

    2x Coded TSA keys

    4x installation pins (2x short, 2x long)

    FREE installation when purchased together with a compatible NANUK case on only

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    Foam Insert for Nanuk 950

    Made of high quality polyurethane foam, the multi-layered set of customizable inserts includes a pre-scored removable layer. This layer consists of foam squares that can be removed in various configurations to accommodate the contents of the case. This solution is ideal if you are seeking a quick and easy way to protect and organize your items.

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    Padded Divider with egg shell foam insert for Nanuk 950

    Padded Divider with egg shell foam insert for 950 Nanuk Case

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    • Top Aluminium Panel Kit for the Nanuk 950 Image 1

    Top Aluminium Panel Kit for the Nanuk 950

    Panel Kit for the 950 Nanuk Case (T) Aluminum

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    • Bottom Aluminium Waterproof Panel Kit for the Nanuk 950 Image 1

    Bottom Aluminium Waterproof Panel Kit for the Nanuk 950

    Waterproof Panel Kit for the 950 Nanuk Case (B) Aluminum

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    • Top Polycarbonate Panel Kit for the Nanuk 950 Image 1

    Top Polycarbonate Panel Kit for the Nanuk 950

    Panel kit for the 950 Nanuk Case (T) Polycarbonate

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    • Bottom Polycarbonate Waterproof Panel Kit for the Nanuk 950 Image 1

    Bottom Polycarbonate Waterproof Panel Kit for the Nanuk 950

    Waterproof Panel kit for the 950 Nanuk Case (B) Polycarbonate

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    Foam insert for Nanuk 950 DJI™ Phantom 4

    Replacement foam for Nanuk 950 DJI™ Phantom 4

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    Nanuk Desiccant Container

    NANUK reusable desiccant containers protect all types of sensitive gear from deterioration, corrosion, mold and other damage caused by moisture or high humidity. Simply place the desiccant container inside the case along with your items. The desiccant container will absorb up to 34% of its own weight in water vapor to rapidly remove moisture and keep your case dry to protect against damage.

    Silica gel beads are orange in color when active (dry). The gel beads will gradually change color from orange to green as they absorb moisture. Once the gel beads turn green, they are no longer active and must be heated to remove the accumulated moisture using a conventional oven at 250° F for 3 hours. Avoid overheating while drying. When the color of the gel beads returns to orange, the container is ready to be reused.

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    NANUK TSA accepted case lock

    Our new and improved TSA Accepted lock offers the security of a padlock but can easily be opened and inspected by airport security and then locked again. The improved design of the TSA accepted lock makes it easier to install and fit on all our NANUK case models. For maximum security always use two locks per case.

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    • Foam insert for NANUK 950 15UP Pistol Case Image 1

    Foam insert for NANUK 950 15UP Pistol Case

    Replacement foam for NANUK 950 15UP Pistol Case

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  4. Customization

    Contact Us
    • Custom Printing
    • Custom Foam Interior
    • Custom Panel Kit
    • Custom Label

    Custom Printing

    What better way to make your mark than to have your company’s logo or product branding printed in color on our cases? Simply send us your artwork and our experienced graphic designers will work with you to convey your message in the most effective and unique way.

    • Custom Foam Interior

    Custom Foam Interior

    If your application requires a customized solution for holding the contents of your protective hard sided case, our custom foam interior option is the way to go. Custom foam interiors provide the absolute best protection and support for your delicate equipment. They ensure that there is no shifting of your equipment during transport within our tough protective cases, which could lead to scratches or damage. Furthermore, custom foam ensures that all surface areas receive the proper support within our durable protective cases, regardless of irregular equipment geometry.

    • Custom Panel Kit

    Custom Panel Kit

    Not just a watertight case: our case interior specialists can help you incorporate your electronic instruments into NANUK watertight cases. With our integrated panel kit system you can take full advantage of our OEM housing solution. Simply provide us with your equipment specifications and we will develop an innovative portable unit tailored specifically to your needs.

    • Custom Label

    Custom Label

    Plasticase has the experience and expertise to meet your case labeling requirements. Our printing department has the in-house capacity to help your project take shape and complete your order to your exact specifications. Simply send us your label design and we’ll make it happen.

  5. Videos

    • Nanuk Wheeled Series

      Nanuk Wheeled Series

      Transport heavy equipment without breaking a sweat — the WHEELED series gets you to where you need to be easy. Polyurethane wheels and a one touch extendable handle adds convenience to your travels. Available in three sizes and a number of colors, the wheeled series accommodates everything from sensitive camera gear, medical equipment along with many popular drone models and accessories.


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